Elite Painting, LLC is all about quality and value. Whether it be a 200 year old barn, a contemporary home, or a functional commercial office space we take great pride in each and every project. All work is on time and on budget and meets or exceeds all expectations. We're more that just paint. We're wall paper, faux finishes, historical restorations and everything required to get the job done right.

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House Painting, Interior and Exterior House Painting, Specialty Painting, Wood and Furniture Restoration

Residential Painting

We know it's more than a house, it's where you live, you're home, and that makes it special. Every attention to detail is taken into account in order to provide services you can live with. Call today to discuss your next project.

What to Expect
Great Customer Service, Free Estimates, Excellence and Follow-Through on All Projects

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Faux Finishing & Wallpaper

Decorative paint finishes that replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone. These techniques have subsequently come to encompass many other decorative finishes. Elite combines both art and craft to create outstanding results.

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Period Appropriate Historic Renovation

From historic color palettes to old-fashioned paint formulas, find the right fit for your house's walls with Elite Painting, LLC. Plaster walls are like a thin skin applied over wood or steel lathe, and although remarkably resilient, cracks inveitably form. From historic color palettes to old-fashioned paint formulas, we•ll find the right fit for your house.

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“When I decided to have my 280-year-old farmhouse repainted, I asked around for recommendations. Elite Painting was the top choice and that was good enough for me. Mark and his crew worked all summer on this project, removing centuries of old cracked and peeling paint, down to the bare wood. Attention to detail is what Elite is all about. And the result speaks for itself: this historic building has been given a new lease on life...”
Dr. Stephen Bandy, Woodbury